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  • I live in the streets of the Philippines
  • I was born on July 5
  • My occupation is Student
  • I am a bystander
  • A Bystander


    It's been around three months since I've made a blog post. Anyways, this is a very exciting announcement!

    A few hours ago, a video trailer for Deep-Sea Prisoner's upcoming game Carnival Rhythm has been released on their YouTube channel! Everyone should be stoked as this signifies that its initial release date is fast approaching! We still don't know when it is exactly, but it's somewhere around the corner!

    The video contains a background of some of the major characters including Ebihara, Lavinrac, and many more! It also includes some of the core gameplay parts along with interesting cutscenes. There's also a special message at the end of the video, so be sure to check it out!

    If you'd like to watch the video for yourself, you may click…

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  • A Bystander

    First Anniversary

    December 22, 2016 by A Bystander

    People of Interest
    Nina-chii · Shizaya Lover · Mogeko-violette · Dascini · HRBM · Deserve not Desire

    Good ol' December 22, 2015... If you have seen my profile page, then you'll know the significance of this date.

    Now, what day is today, again...? Oh yeah... It's December 22, 2016, which means one thing...

    It's my FIRST ANNIVERSARY here in the Okegom Wiki!

    Hoo boy! I can tell that it was a very bumpy ride during the whole year. A lot of things happened during my past year. Time passes by very fast, huh?

    So... what can I talk about in this blog post? Well, I want to tackle about the highlights of my contributor life. Let's do it, I guess.

    If you know me well, you might already know that I have an odd desire for my Grade A(?) Cinnamon Roll of Cuteness…

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  • A Bystander

    Hi! This is an update about myself, not really much about the wikia.

    So this summer, I am quite fully booked with activities. Nevertheless, I am still able to contribute to the wikia.

    However, there are two activities that I have to attend to that will significantly reduce my wiki activity. This is because I will not have my computer (which is my main editing gadget) and I will have limited Internet access.

    So with that, I have to undergo a "semi-hiatus" here. I will reduce my activity here and will try my best to do at least minor changes.

    I will have two different semi-hiatus periods:

    • On April 6 - 10 (5 days), I will attend a 5-day summer camp outside my place.
    • On April 18 - May 17 (~1 month), I will be taking a vacation with my family in the Un…
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  • A Bystander

    Some things to do...

    March 24, 2016 by A Bystander


    This blog post is just about the things that will be done for the next few weeks as of March 24.

    • Concerns with Deep-Sea Prisoner
      • DSP replied to our permission. We translated the reply while we wait for Violette's response. But... [More info soon...]
    • Requirements for User Rights
      • It's best to set requirements if a user is aiming for a user right. This is to avoid abusing powers.
    • Featured Articles
      • If you have visited my profile page, you may have seen a on the upper right hand corner. This icon marks a featured article. More info about this feature will be added soon.

    These are all I can give for now as my computer is very slow at the moment, which makes editing frustrating. Expect further updates on this one! Thank you for reading!

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  • A Bystander

    Hello once again!

    March 7, 2016 was the first ever chat session in the Okegom Wiki. I, along with two other users were part of it. And come to think of it... There may be even more users in the chat in the future. And I'm like... hey! Why not create chat guidelines?

    So yeah without further delay, here's our chat guidelines:

    • Most of the guidelines from our social guidelines apply including:
      • Our general rule
      • Comments (in this case, replies)
      • Birthday greetings
      • Swearing limits
      • Discussions
      • Mogeko haters
    • When someone joins in the chat, say hi!
      • Alternatively, if you have joined in the chat and no one notices, say hi to them!
    • As much as possible, don't start unnecessary arguments. We like to have fun here folks!
    • Don't spam in the chat. Replying with the follow…

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