Hi! This is an update about myself, not really much about the wikia.

So this summer, I am quite fully booked with activities. Nevertheless, I am still able to contribute to the wikia.

However, there are two activities that I have to attend to that will significantly reduce my wiki activity. This is because I will not have my computer (which is my main editing gadget) and I will have limited Internet access.

So with that, I have to undergo a "semi-hiatus" here. I will reduce my activity here and will try my best to do at least minor changes.

I will have two different semi-hiatus periods:

  • On April 6 - 10 (5 days), I will attend a 5-day summer camp outside my place.
  • On April 18 - May 17 (~1 month), I will be taking a vacation with my family in the United States.

What I can do in the wikia while under semi-hiatus:

  • Monitor the wikia.
  • Do minor edits.
  • Answer comments, questions, and/or replies.
  • Promote/revoke user rights if any requests come in.

You can still message me if you have any concerns. But as much as possible, try to contact another admin while I'm currently in the semi-hiatus.

I hope you understand what's happening with me here. I'm sorry that I can't do much in these days.

Thank you for reading.

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