as well all might know, Satanick and Ivlis are kinda ... ... .... not so much normal description of relationship, but then again normal was destroyed when i mentioned two devils of different universe in first place, do you think it will sail? heck do i think it will sail? does a devil ship even needs to sail? are not they supposed to fly? infact why do they even need a ship? can't they just fly? but Ivlis does not has wings? but Kcalb does not has wings either,he cant fly either, then how the fu*k does Etihw fly? how do THEY do that? WHY do they do that? walk on your f**king legs you fat troll of a lazy god, move Them hips! why does kcalb lacks a tail? did Etihw eat it or something? This blog is getting ridiculous! but it does not matters i am just a no one, and not in a cool way like reciful or our admin bystander who for some reason is not a bystander at all, how the hell does that even works? change your name goddamnit, but also please dont ban me, boss i need this job, i have a anime wife(fu), actually a lot of them, holy chlomaki! i have a harem! and also lots of goldfish kids to feed, jokes apart by the time i am done posting maaayyybbbeee ship of Satanivlis Poopy roach would have already sailed or sunk or flew or dunno whatevs

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