Ok but.. this is my first blog post?? lmao

As you all here might notice, i havent been really active for the past few weeks here, sometimes even not editing once per day. I'm really busy irl(school, projects presentation, even my music exam wtf stop) so i wont be active as i used to be anymore. Well, not till my music exam(at least) has passed.

Also, my finals are around October, its really important to me so i might start not editing from july-august onwards, till my finals are over. But i promise i will be active starting end-Oct tho!!(•̀ᴗ•́)و

Thank you to yall who read this shitty post, and im sorry if i caused any inconvenience or took up some of ur time ;3; If u have anything to find me of do DM me at twitter !! im pretty active there

Cheers! ilyall


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