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  • Shizaya Lover

    This is something that i wanted to share with everyone for a while now. I learn alot of things while being an Admin, ( also as a editor on this wiki) Due to time restrains, i wasn't able to complete it the way i wanted. I'll probably add more detail later on.

    Not everything is easy /Big ideas but no progress. When i first joined i thought about affiliating with the other DSP wikis, bringing fans together, making funny polls, and making this lively place. (Back then, in mid 2015, this place was basically a desert) But then i realized its not that easy. I had no idea on the how part. I didnt know how to code or to bring attention to this wiki. Plus my old, slow computer had it harder. In the end, i ditched most of my old ideas, but it would b…

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  • Shizaya Lover

    Me: Finally...after 20 side quests...56 shrines,...100+ hours....250+ deaths,....and 1000+ enemies killed....I finally got the Master Sword! Now i can finally put this game down, go on the wiki, and create that Mogeko world page that i planned since yesterday! (Wiki pops out from nowhere) Wiki: girrrlll the fuck you talkin about

    Me: The hell?

    Wiki: you've been gone for like a week

    Me: Wait, that cant be right. The last time i edited was...( scrolls down the history from last edit)


    Wiki: aint today May 8th? nice job of keeping track of time! 👏


    And this is how i realized i was addicted to Breath of the Wild. I'm just one of many. We're all addicted to something that takes the pain away. Don't let …

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  • Shizaya Lover

    This is about me and my current status, nothing Mogeko related

    (Wow, i haven't done this since, um...February?) Well you read the title. The number of edits i do on daily basis will now change. I will edit every week now Let me explain. Ive realized im have gotten competitive and have neglected my original plans on how to improve this wiki and its content. Back in September, when i first joined, this place was like a ghost town. People rarely visited or even contributed to this place. Thankfully some wonderful people came along and notice this plight and made this wiki more lively. Thats when the badges were brought in. (No offense, A Bystander, you had good intentions when you made the character badges, it just me who got carried away.) I bec…

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  • Shizaya Lover

    Well, when I was rereading the Obsolete Dream manga and some related pictures, I learned some new things:

    When Kurotsuno and Met were shopping in chapter 3, the second panel shows Sirius and possibly Giltz in the background.

    The chapter 3 intro picture actually shows all of Chlomaki's known familiars in their animal forms.

    The necklace shown in the Prologue is the same one from a certain comic in that shows to unknown characters.

    In that one image showing Hanten 2 in a sailor Fuku, the one on the side is actually a baby Hanten XD She's so adorable.

    Nothing much in this blog. I was planning to do this sooner if it wasn't for my slow-ass computer. After i'm done with putting the pages of the unnamed characters listed on Shockingeel's tumblr I'm g…

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  • Shizaya Lover


    January 5, 2016 by Shizaya Lover

    So...Who else thinks that this "Crow" character that shows up in the bonus episodes of the Gray Garden is someone that has been already revealed, but we just haven't noticed yet?

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