This is about me and my current status, nothing Mogeko related

(Wow, i haven't done this since, um...February?) Well you read the title. The number of edits i do on daily basis will now change. I will edit every week now Let me explain. Ive realized im have gotten competitive and have neglected my original plans on how to improve this wiki and its content. Back in September, when i first joined, this place was like a ghost town. People rarely visited or even contributed to this place. Thankfully some wonderful people came along and notice this plight and made this wiki more lively. Thats when the badges were brought in. (No offense, A Bystander, you had good intentions when you made the character badges, it just me who got carried away.) I became um..."obsessive" with getting badges quick. And that led to me staying 2-3 a half hours on this wiki. (But that eventually decreased to a hour due to most articles being filled.) Note: The time on this wiki is different from where im from. According to the "cotributing everday badges thing" and from what ive concluded is that the next day begins between 7:00 and 8:00 my time. So i usually edit around 6:00 - 10:30. This had lead me neglect my goals for the wiki. I NEVER make goals in actual life ;this wiki had changed me to being more hard-working. Going back on the. subject, i had originally planned to make the "list of unnamed characters" in January. That was pushed back to late March. It came out a complete mess when i made it. I had planned to complete the Gray World page. That never happened. I had planned to make the Iceberg isle page in January. That was also pushed back to late march. There were other plans too but i eventually realized i didnt know how to do them/ how it worked. Even when i became an admin didnt get as much as i should of done. Theres also another reason : my life. I'm occupied in my personal projects at home and the school work i have to do. Some of you might of noticed that ive been making a few edits a day now. Since school and sophomore year is ending soon for me, ( yes im one year older than you Bystander and my writing skills SUCK compared to you.😂) i have tons of uncompleted homeworks to finish.

Sorry for the terrible grammar, bad writing etc. i did this at 8:00 p.m. And i finished at 10:35 p.m. Im exhausted, its Friday in two hours, and i have school in the morning. I will still do some small edits and i will get back to organising the list page tomorrow. Probably gonna edit this blog later on.

All of you have a good nice day while i try to get my ass to sleep. - Ulla

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