Me: Finally...after 20 side quests...56
shrines,...100+ hours....250+ deaths,....and 1000+ enemies killed....I finally got the Master Sword! Now i can finally put this game down, go on the wiki, and create that Mogeko world page that i planned since yesterday!

(Wiki pops out from nowhere) Wiki: girrrlll the fuck you talkin about

Me: The hell?

Wiki: you've been gone for like a week

Me: Wait, that cant be right. The last time i edited was...( scrolls down the history from last edit)


Wiki: aint today May 8th? nice job of keeping track of time! 👏


And this is how i realized i was addicted to Breath of the Wild. I'm just one of many. We're all addicted to something that takes the pain away. Don't let addiction control you and get help now at  :) Recover from your addiction. Take that first step and call today. 😀

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