Well, when I was rereading the Obsolete Dream manga and some related pictures, I learned some new things:

When Kurotsuno and Met were shopping in chapter 3, the second panel shows Sirius and possibly Giltz in the background.

The chapter 3 intro picture actually shows all of Chlomaki's known familiars in their animal forms.

The necklace shown in the Prologue is the same one from a certain comic in that shows to unknown characters.

In that one image showing Hanten 2 in a sailor Fuku, the one on the side is actually a baby Hanten XD She's so adorable.

Nothing much in this blog. I was planning to do this sooner if it wasn't for my slow-ass computer. After i'm done with putting the pages of the unnamed characters listed on Shockingeel's tumblr I'm going to finally make a page listing all of unnamed characters I could find on DSP's site. I would of done more if It wasn't 11:47 PM over here, so Goodnight and LET the bedbugs bite~

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