Don't even ask me why i'm doing this, but i'm doing this.

I'm triying to build le Blancblack castle in MC (Don't judge me), but i felt like it ended wrong, very. I want to know if there are full canon images of the castle, there are a lot of speculation of how it actually is, mostly on the shape, how the floor looks,(almost all). And the fact that in the castle (of the game) there are 0 sources of ligth, so here it looks way to dark

Edit 1: after that I continued with the school, Now i simply need a opinion to make a decision

2016-12-28 21.38.06

A normal looking one, it loke more like the one in the game, BUT for that i will need to mirror the second floor

2016-12-28 21.38.15

A direct ladder, there wouldn't be need to mirror the second floor, but it looks kinda ugly

Second floors are a bit more hard to do, In Dialo/Chelan house and Raspbel/Rawberry i used the direct one, becuse of space

I can't really decide which one use

2016-12-28 21.22.52

Actual map progress. (ignore those random triangles in midle of it)


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