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05/02/2017.  First of all, this blog will be updated from time to time to don't blogpostspam so actual post:

1_What is happening in funamusea: I noticed today something weird, every time i search for images i see weird images that feel like they weren't there before, Example: page 48 image 4. Was that image ther before!? i feel like i never saw it, examples of images that seem of place are a lot. how does funamusea wor exactly? im losing my mind?! and who are those characters!?

more examples: #19 rinet image: Wtf is that doing there

  1. 16: what is that green sneik (non post related)
  1. 15: 9 characters with earphones, this appeared a few months ago, i think, that wasn't there, i promise
  1. 13: tsumuri with a snail and a mantis; That wasn't there, nononononono

Have you felt this before? (also 70 pages only of images wow that grew a lot)


Why u

Couldn't resist

3_How many games is dsp doing? seriusly just look: Carnival rithym, mogeko castle gaiden, the one with the banner that looks like a wadanohara sequel, The one with the red background and big letters banner, The one with the banner that looks broken, the one from sinow and madhata (posibly one of the above) 8 empty banners, (one is rated r-15) like wtf

Also lilit is frikin hot

3.1_ Vgperson shows how many projects are in dsp plans, and explains each. Hype grows. a LOT. can't wait. rlly

Also i just discovered Merol is Tetzusora familiar, starting to love Merol.

Future proyects

Sooo many projects! and one is about Reficul! (dsp is a fucking idea dump omg)



Wadda can be a bitch if she wants

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