Any good work?

–Ver Million, Wadanohara and the Great Blue Sea

Ver Million

Character Information
Japanese Name ベル・ミリオン
Romaji Name Beru Mirion
Character Code 0195
Location Flower World (Previously)
Status Active
Biological Information
Species Demon
Gender Female
Height 165cm (≈5'4")
Professional Status
Occupation Mercenary
Personal Status

Ver Million (ベル・ミリオン) is a character from Wadanohara and the Great Blue Sea. She is a demon mercenary hired by the Totsusa Kingdom and a friend of Wadanohara.


Ver million sprite
Ver Million is depicted as a very tomboyish girl. Her dark brown hair is styled in a boyish cut, red horns with stripes adorning her head. She

has red demon wings, with her tail being the same shade. She also has red eyes. Her top is similar to a gray sailor uniform, with the collar and cuffs being a lighter gray; with eight brown buttons down the middle, however, instead of a usual skirt, she pairs it up with gray shorts that has lighter gray lining. She also wears red socks with stripes and dark red boots. She also has what appears to be a machete sheathed in a tan sheath on her left side, she also has a long claw weapon with three blades on her left hand. She is sometimes depicted with knee high dark brown boots that has darker brown straps and red buttons.


Ver Million has a very tomboyish personality, having a hate for anything girly. She cares for her friends, especially Wadanohara, but seems to value her mission over everything else. She has a hobby of working, as she loves money.





Wadanohara Cast


Vendetto is Ver's fellow mercenary hired by the Totsusa Kingdom.


Laurentia is Ver's fellow mercenary hired by the Totsusa Kingdom.


Wadanohara is one of Ver's friends.

Other Characters

Rosaliya Phantomrose

According to Deep-Sea Prisoner, Ver was/is Rosaliya's subordinate.[1]


  • Her name is probably a pun on the vermilion, which is a shade of orange and red.
  • In the Wadanohara bonus room, it is mentioned in her profile that she hates skirts.
  • The Merc Trio seems to have went to the Pitch Black World as seen in one of the episodes in Wadanohara and the Great Blue Sea bonus room.
  • An image showing a blue haired angel with a flower crown and Ver have been seen together, with Ver tied by a red string into a heart connecting to the angel. It is possible that this is Ver's interest.


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