Witches are an all-female race of humanoid beings who possess magical abilities through the art of witchcraft. Each witch possess special powers that follow a certain theme or element. Some witches are accompanied by their familiars; individuals who swore loyalty to their witch masters and assist them when needed. Daimajo is their leader and serves as the overseer of the Witch World, a hub world where witches from different worlds gather around.


List of Known Witches


  • The male counterparts of Witches are known as Wizards, who also possess magical powers through their wizardry and may also be accompanied by familiars.
    • There are currently 3 known wizards: MeikaiMinami and Madhata , 2 of them related to Wadanohara, the Sea Witch.
  • Witches (and presumably Wizards) have surprisingly long lifespans. Whether this is a biological trait or an extent of their magic is yet to be explained.