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Yamori (夜守) is one of the characters that has yet to officially appear in any series. He is a lizard boy and thought to possibly be a ninja.


Character Information
Japanese Name 夜守
Romaji Name Yamori
Character Code 0083
Biological Information
Species Lizard
Gender Male
Professional Status
Personal Status


Yamori wears a green sweater over a white shirt, green pants, and a dark green scarf. He also has his gray hair tied in a ponytail. His eyes are yellow and green with a black pupil and his shoes are black.

In his older design, he wore a black suit top which has black accessories spreading out from his shoulders, a red tie, and a black ninja hakama. He wore the same scarf, and had a tail. He had bandages wrapped around his leg. He also wore black shoes and brown gloves.


Before his redesign, he looked more cheerful.


Not much is known about him.




Once seen in a picture together. Its unknown what relationship they have.


  • His name is translated to "Night Protector," which is a pun on a gecko.[1]


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