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(I have to get home...) (Today's the day brother comes home...) (So... I have to get home quick...)
(It's just been so long...) (I really miss him...)

–Yonaka Kurai

Yonaka Kurai

Character Information
Japanese Name 倉井 ヨナカ
Romaji Name Kurai Yonaka
Character Code 0158
Location Human World
Mogeko Castle (Mogeko Castle)
Status Active
Biological Information
Species Human
Gender Female
Height 158cm (≈5'1"–5'2")
Professional Status
Affiliation Mogeko Castle (Mogeko Castle)
Occupation Student
Personal Status
Relatives Shinya Kurai (Older Brother)
Education High School

Yonaka Kurai (倉井 ヨナカ) is a high school girl and the protagonist of Mogeko Castle. A young girl, she is the sister to Shinya Kurai, and during Mogeko Castle one of her main motivations to climb the castle's floors is to return home and see him.


Yonaka sprite
Yonaka has fair skin; black eyes with white pupils; black hair with braided pigtails and long bangs obscuring her right eye from view; and large ears that protrude from the sides of her head.

She wears a typical Japanese high school uniform, consisting of a white dress shirt; a red plaid ribbon; a grayish-brown blazer with two brown buttons; a red plaid pleated skirt; gray tights; and dark gray loafers.

In Mogeko Castle, she can also be seen wearing several different outfits, and some endings in the game give her a slightly different iteration of her normal appearance with the addition of a hat that looks like a Mogeko.


Yonaka is depicted as an doting younger sister, who loves her brother. She admires her brother greatly, wishing for nothing more than to see and be together with him again, due to him leaving her and their family sometime when she was in Junior High.

She is very kind and accepting, as shown with her easy cooperation with Defect Mogeko, despite not being wholly aware of the reasons concerning his imprisonment.

However, like most of Deep Sea Prisoner's characters, she also has a darker side; in the events of Mogeko Castle, she demonstrates a sinister side of hers at times, and during most of Mogeko Castle she has the option to kill several Mogeko with no justifications.


Yonaka's brother, Shinya, seems to have left her and their family when she was in junior high.

Several years seem to have passed since the two had seen each other, as Yonaka was a second-year high school student when Shinya finally returned to their home.


  • Mogeko Castle - Yonaka serves as the main protagonist of the game. During the events of the game, she climbs up the floors of the titular Mogeko Castle, searching for a way to return home in time to meet her brother. During the events of the game she befriends several Mogeko, notably Defect Mogeko, whilst attempting to escape from more unsavory Mogeko like Moge-ko and king mogeko. The game has several endings, several of which end in Yonaka's death.
  • General Hashasky's Great Adventure - Based on some frames of the game's trailer as well as the game's official page, Yonaka will be making an appearance. Also suggested by the same evidence is that she will be appear as Lord Prosciutto, a God that Yonaka became in an ending of Mogeko Castle.


Mogeko Castle Cast

Shinya Kurai

Yonaka dearly loves her brother Shinya, and she is shown to deeply admire him; she styled her hair in manner to match that of her brother's. She is known to like him an "uncomfortable" amount, her feelings ranging from sisterly to romantically incestuous at times. The two share a madness, a madness more prevalent in Shinya but also present in Yonaka.

Defect Mogeko

Defect Mogeko serves as her guide during her foray into the depths of Mogeko Castle, and he tried to help her escape, succeeding in several endings. She starts deeply caring for him as they travel together in the castle, developing a relationship.

It is implied she might have a crush on him. In one ending of Mogeko Castle, Yonaka's romantic feelings for Defect Mogeko are emphasized; in the sixth bad ending, Yonaka abandons her feelings for her brother, and elopes from the castle with Defect Mogeko, running off into the sunset together.


Like most of her brethren, Moge-ko chased Yonaka throughout the castle.


  • Kurai means "Community Warehouse / Town Cellar" while Yonaka means "Midnight." [1]
  • Her hobby is eating candy under the stars. She also likes white noodles and, of course, her brother.
  • She has a grip strength of 70.
  • Three painting-like pictures of Yonaka as Lord Prosciutto are parodies of three real-life paintings, all of which are based of events of the Christian Bible.
    • One painting is a parody of Michelangelo's "The Creation of Adam", with Yonaka being depicted as God, with one Mogeko being depicted as a human and the others being angels.
    • Another depicts Yonaka and the majority of the Mogeko Castle cast having a feast, parodying of Leonardo da Vinci's "The Last Supper". In this painting Yonaka is depicted as Jesus Christ, the surrounding Mogeko being Jesus' thirteen apostles.
    • Finally, the last painting, found in the omake of the official Mogeko Castle page, depicts Yonaka, Moge-ko and two Mogekos having a meal, parodying Caravaggio's "Supper at Emmaus" (London). In this painting, Yonaka is depicted as Jesus Christ, and the other Mogeko being Jesus' apostles.
  • Her eyes become red with black pupils during her bouts of psychopathy, a trait she shares with her brother Shinya.



  • "I'm so fed up with that castle..." (Bonus Room)
  • "Everyone, thank you very much for playing Mogeko Castle! ♪" (Yonaka's final words to the players during Met's radio talk show)




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