The Youkai characters have appeared in pictures together now and again. Whether they have their own series or not is currently unknown. The characters have appeared on one of the calender pages, though. All of the youkai live in a part of Satanick's world (Pitch Black World) ruled over by Heller.

Characters in the Youkai section are characters that have had their youkai status officially confirmed by Funamusea.
Gallery Pages
Deep-Sea Prisoner DSP Mini-Comics
Characters Chlomaki · Etihw · Froze · Fukami · Hanten · Idate · Ivlis · Kcalb · Kurotsuno · Lobco · Maekami · Met · Moge-ko · Mogeko · Nataka Kurokawa · Reficul · Rocma · Samekichi · Satanick · Shirogane · Sullivan · Syakesan · Wadanohara · Wodahs · Yonaka Kurai · Yosafire
Categories Animals · Angels · Demons · Devils · Gods

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